5 December 2016

Desert Scorpion

Il team vincitore

From Saharian dunes to Australian deserts, from Iceland geysers to Himalaya top: the “scorpions” are one of the most active groups in foreign countries. They are present as technical supporting team at important world competitions, such as Rain Forest Challenge in Mali; they have planned six Saharian travels and many different places to be visited throughout the whole world.

5 December 2016

Jean Pierre Steinhagen

Desert Live - Organizzazione viaggi

Ex rally pilot and experienced in African deserts. “We are a team of instructors with a great passion for Africa who put their know-how at disposal of anyone who would like to discover the desert’s landscapes. There is still a few places in which we have not yet arrived, but thanks to Autohome there will be even less.”

5 December 2016

Jean Claude Billau

Tour leader

“I have been utilising Maggiolina from 150 to almost 200 times per year and this since 1996. To date, the total amount of kilometres I rode is equal to more than one million, always on the roof of different Land Rover vehicles I owned since then; the tent is permanently on the car roof 365 days per year. I never had any problem concerning shell or opening mechanism. I suggest all my customers to use this kind of tent for the travels I organise; for comfort and safety, Maggiolina is the best possible equipment.”

5 December 2016

Stephan Wermuth

Photographer e Bilia (a sinistra)

“Dunes high like mountains during the day and a 5 stars roof at night. I am not jealous of my Maggiolina if most of the times she is the star. On the contrary, I am proud of knowing that the pictures taken already obtained a honour place. On the other hand, the same pictures have also been hung on the walls of my home… When you go to the ends of the earth you never know what to expect. For this reason, it is better to be properly equipped.”