5 December 2016

Stefano Pesarelli e Francesca Guazzo

Majestic natural landscapes, people, boundless savannas and animals have featured this African crossing and by the way, in Ilha de Mocambique, a degree dissertation in architecture related to a protection of environmental historical values has been drawn up.

5 December 2016

Paolo Francesco Brunello

avvocato - Photo Challenge 4x4

“Fortunately, we had Autohome tents on our vehicle roof. This very functional and protected system allows to safely sleep, even in case of intense cold and wind. They are very strong and ensure total comfort and safety conditions. And in the morning, on waking up, it was possible to enjoy a view of the desert in the first daylight: beautiful!”

5 December 2016

Giusy Concina

"Raid Middle East By Car"

After 8500 kms on tracks, off-road and deserts in Hungary, Rumania, Turkey, Syria, Israel and Jordan, the Giusy Concina’s “Middle East By Car” ended in Aqaba, on the Red Sea shore. With her Columbus tent, she crossed Countries being subject to strong political and social tensions, therefore, her adventure-journey had a particular importance.

5 December 2016

Agostina Petragalli (reporter)- Edoardo Bauer (fotografo)

“An exciting journey, during which we used our 4×4 vehicles equipped with the original car roof tents: extraordinary journey supports.”