5 December 2016

Anna across Africa

A man, a woman and a Land Rover: one year in Africa visiting 26 countries. “We are very satisfied with our Columbus. It is very comfortable and it is the best way to travel: thank you very much Autohome!” 

5 December 2016

Ralph Castelberg

Professionista dell'estremo

A professional of Free-ride (extreme) Snowboard successfully participates to many sports competitions. Since September 2006 he is an enthusiastic owner of an Autohome tent. “…I am very happy to start a competition after I have slept well – When I travel, Maggiolina is my home” 

5 December 2016

Susumu Sato e Yoshimi Sato

With Maggiolina it is always time to let the heart speak, to look for adventure and freedom in every corner of Japan. We like travelling every weekend and our vehicle is perfectly equipped to let us feel like being home. Thank you inventors! Thank you Italy! Bye-bye Italy!!

5 December 2016

Alessandro Beccaria

Travelling and having the possibility of knowing the most distant and inaccessible places of the planet, in which nature is still uncontaminated and plays the lord and master has always been one of my dreams: Autohome made it come true.