2 December 2016

Honza Perclìk

Enthusiast raider

“…it was very cold, we were in a perfectly closed room: windows, doors and any opening were totally closed and we had no humidity problem. It is really true: the tent fabric is like the highly breathable fabric of our jackets. Maggiolina is in our opinion the best product and we recommend it, absolutely! Bye Bye.”

2 December 2016

Enrico Caruso e Lucia Tincani

Enthusiastic travellers

“Up on a gorge with panoramic view on a glacier or in front of an elk weighing 4500 kilograms close to a stream, there are always good reasons to stop and camp. The important thing is to have a Maggiolina. The right product for any situation. Kind regards to everybody”

2 December 2016

Sonia e Hans Peter (Wetzikon- CH)

Fans di Autohome

“Since 1997 Autohome roof tents are the most reliable bedrooms we have been sleeping in. In any weather condition, we always have a wonderful and comfortable bed, ready in a couple of minutes.”

2 December 2016

Simone Tortini

Architetto di professione con la passione per la montagna

“I felt I had to congratulate Autohome. I bought an Airlander and 2 days in the humidity of the woods made me appreciate the perfection of my future home for the week-ends and for the vacations all around the Alps.”