5 December 2016

Paul Dupin

Ayers Rock (Australia)

“This Holy Mountain is really magic and inspires awe. Aborigines call it Uluru. Tonight, we camp here and tomorrow we are going to leave early, at nightfall. Thank goodness, we only need to turn the handle to close Maggiolina. In case of a tent being on the ground, a decampment by using electric torches would be a big problem”

5 December 2016

Miky Fragapane – Desert Scorpion Team

Deserto dell’Akakus (Libia)

«It is impossible to describe the magic of the Libyan desert. The rock needles are silhouetted against the sky and come out vertically from the sand. People living here five thousand years ago hunted wild beasts which do no more exist and this allows us to particularly enjoy our comfortable Overland: a practically indestructible tent»

5 December 2016

Jean Rimbaud

Photo-reporter- Lago Karakul (Xinjiang, Cina)

«The second highest lake in the world, 3,600 metres above sea level, encircled by majestic mountains (over 7,500 m) which are snow-capped all the year round. Karakul is a salt lake, it has transparent, blue-green water: in no case we could enjoy the view of the sunset we had from our comfortable Maggiolina»

5 December 2016

Martin Mikulenčák

Ricognitore estremo - Membro della “Hummer Expedition Island” - Ghiacciaio del Vatnayokull (Islanda)

Extreme adventurer – Hummer Expedition Island’s member” –
Ghiacciaio del Vatnayokull (Iceland)«The biggest glacier in Europe, In Iceland. We were afraid of suffering from the cold and the wind blowing in gusts, but thanks to both the Winter hood of the tent and the strength of the tent structure we had absolutely no problem. Other kinds of tent could surely not be so reliable!».