2 December 2016

Raffaele Rossetti

Esperto di auto da rally

On the roads of the world: travelling, Land Rover, tent and stove. For me and my friends I organise travels preferably to North. In my garage, ready to use, I have two kinds of tents: Overcamp and Maggiolina.
“…rain, water, wind, storm and rain again. With our tents everything is wonderful all the same, but with something more: the sun at midnight in our hearts.”

2 December 2016

Akis Temperidis e Vula Netu

Journey across Africa, from Athens to Cape Town – 20.280 kms, i.e. approximately 5 months with a Maggiolina Extreme Forest mounted on a Land Rover Discovery 3. A phantastic experience! See also the world travel in 800 days.

5 December 2016

Martina Pullin

Buona notte dalle nostre confortevoli "mansarde"

“…it is nice to wake up every day in a different desert point. And to go out from our tent when dawn breaks, to stretch our arms and legs in the fresh air, to fill free within light and space, to simply breathe, live and be happy for this… This is Pierre Loti’s feeling after a refreshing sleep in his very comfortable tent.

5 December 2016

Alessandro Centofanti e Paolo Pasquato

Tour Operator Pangea Crossing

“Our travels are focussed to introduce the beauties and the cultures of the countries that we will visit, moving in a natural way and with no stress, in total safety but always in contact with the nature and the history of those places”