5 December 2016

Diego Assandri e Luca Oddera – JAMBO

Ti interessa attraversare l’Africa in macchina… Dammi un po’ di tempo, ci devo pensare…

From the meeting between the photographer Diego Assandri and the philosopher Luca “Down the Africa” expedition (Trans- West Africa) takes its origins. From Tangier to Cape Town, 25.000 km throughout the whole Black Continent to bring humanitarian aid in Congo R.D. by means of “Amici per l’Africa” Association. “Houston we have a problem: here children have never been on the moon.”

5 December 2016

Ronny Stavsholt [Norway]

Enthusiastic raider

“Wonderful nights that are impressed in my heart. Sometimes I exaggerate a bit, but when I am to the ends of the earth, there is only a handle that can save me: Maggiolina is my faithful companion. I love it very much!

5 December 2016

Sergi Garcia

Tour leader

“Our target is not only to travel but also to know and interact with the different populations and cultures we meet during our journey, always offering our help and cooperation to anyone who needs it.” 

5 December 2016

Fritz Bez

Esperto viaggiatore

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”. Anyone who wants to reach the ends of the earth knows that not only motorways will be waiting for him, but also many dirt roads, impenetrable forests, sandy landscapes and ancient ruts. To make you feel at home in the whole world, Autohome is a great certainty.