5 December 2016

Carsten Averkamp

Project Manager - Lutz Rathmann - Lead Instructor

Tour leaders belonging to the most important expeditions, international selectors. Land Rover Experience is aimed at training off-road lovers to let them discover exotic regions, far from usual paths as well as from tourist traps. With Autohome, under any circumstances people are sure to obtain the best results!

5 December 2016

Sonja Vietto Ramus

fotografa e giornalista per riviste di fuoristrada e squadre corse.

“Both Africa and motorcycles are my passion and my job: since 2000, I travel to North Africa to photograph cars and motorcycles competing on the most beautiful deserts of the world. I always travel with friends, on a Toyota vehicle and an Autohome tent, my passport to adventure!”

5 December 2016

Robo Gabr’aoun

Tra i più conosciuti viaggiatori d’Africa, da anni percorre piste e deserti a nord ed a sud dell’equatore.

Since 2005 he utilizes Autohome products; moreover, he is a famous writer as well as professional guide on behalf of local travel agencies, such as Latitude24Safaris – African Expeditions – Nubian Sudan Tours and also of: Discovery Channel, British Museum, the French Clio, the Dutch Wild Travels and practically all the existing Italian operators.

5 December 2016

Tetsunori Sukenobu

Japanese Rally rider - Pharaon’s Rally 2010

After an exhaustive day on my motorcycle I can finally admire the starry sky on the desert, in my Autohome tent. A priceless feeling!