2 December 2016

Claudio Chiodi

Tour leader - Safari Service

“Hello everybody and welcome in my team, a team dedicated to Sahara desert, its sand and visitors. Come with us! Everybody enjoy the sand!” 

2 December 2016

Simonetta Galassi


“Finally, we go back, other dunes wait for us and we do not know how high they are… anyway, the most important thing is to go back…”

2 December 2016

Robo Gabr’ Aoun

Esperto per safari nel deserto: Marocco, Libia, Tunisia, Namibia, Sudan, Mali, Niger, Algeria

“My “Africa sickness” is being forcedly away from those lands, my everyday life that prevents me from living them in the modes and time periods in which my soul would like to. The shades of ochre inflaming those horizons have become the colours of my soul and it is with them that I paint my day.”

2 December 2016

Pierluigi Rizzato

Wildlife Photographer

“Photographer for over twenty years dedicating great passion and commitment to his work in nature photography. His photographs have earned him more than 180 awards abroad, winning photographic contests in Argentina, Austrian, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Holland, Republic of San Marino, Scotland, Singapore, Usa, Vietnam. Among all, it is standing out the Grand Prix of the Trierenberg Austrian Super Circuit, the largest annual salon of photography on the globe.”