5 December 2016

Juerg, Angelica, Tom, Cornelia, Jean Pierre, Alexandre, Doris, Heidi, Jean Francois, Erich – Trans-Afrika

"Vi sono sogni nella vita per i quali bisogna combattere"

“weeks throughout West Africa up to Cameroon continuing through Gabon, the two Congos, passing through Angola in Namibia, arriving at Cape of Good Hope in South Africa”.

5 December 2016

Akis Temperidis e Vula Netu

Superstar travellers

It’s us again! Let us tell you that our life is great with Maggiolina. We actually have slept more than one year (that means more than 300 nights in 475 total days of our trip) in there and we still enjoy it. Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand.

5 December 2016

Giulio Dott. Meneghini – Gabriele Greco – Armando Romano – Andrea Calandri

Giulio Dott. Meneghini - chirurgo plastico / Gabriele Greco - motociclista e velista / Armando Romano - esperto viaggiatore / Andrea Calandri - esperto di telecomunicazioni e volo

An ambitious as well as very desired journey which has been possible thanks to our Overland tents. Visited Countries: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Kirghizistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece.

5 December 2016

Mauro Camisasca

Milano-Mongolia tre mesi di viaggio, una sola notte in albergo.

“Sleeping in a tent gives me a feeling of endless freedom; I enjoy everything around me, the nature, the purity of the air, the sound of brook water, the air breeze ……, even if my eyes are closed, I can see the stars in the sky. With my practical, comfortable and safe Columbus tent, I can feel all these emotions”.