5 December 2016

Ottavio Zirilli

Tour leader e reporter

“Extraordinary images and sensations: from the look of children in the schools of the deserts, to the sand scraping among the teeth”. The roof-tent can really make the difference. In a long raid, it eliminates the stress of the camp and allows to enjoy the sunset till its end. In addition, sleeping up there is wonderful. The important thing is to have the right tent brand: Autohome!”

5 December 2016

Knut Espegard

Distributore del Nord Europa di articoli sportivi e da camping organizza spedizioni alla portata di tutti

“…I do not know what you prefer, but I do prefer Maggiolina. It is a fundamental accessory that allows me to prepare my camp in any weather condition. As the wind is strong, Maggiolina always shows its best features: it does not “lose its composure” and does not break up. Thank you Autohome.”

5 December 2016

Edo Bauer


“I like hard work in a simple camp, in clear or dark nights and also when the sandstorm rages. Desert is terrible and merciless, but if you know it, you cannot forget it”
“My work consists of writing and taking photographs of motorcycles in Africa. Desert is nearly always my destination and the tent being on my Toyota roof is my ‘village all inclusive’.” 
[ www.edobauer.it ]

5 December 2016

Richard Rennard, Claudine Donnat e il figlio Franck

Parents are really crazy about 4×4’s, they belong to Saharans’ family and regularly go through the Mediterranean Sea. Car dealers, raiders, trial car enthusiasts, organizers, engineers, co-pilot (Claudine): they know everything about 4×4 vehicles, since the appearance of the latter in France, during 80’s. Franck, one of their children, has given society new dynamism by furtherly developing the preparation activity.