5 December 2016

Enrico Stable


The Autohome tents have shown their high resistance to sandstorms, cloudbursts, temperatures from +60°C to -20°C. No problem with Autohome tents!

5 December 2016

Marco C. Stoppato

Vulcanologo, foto-giornalista professionista

I have visited almost 80 Countries, photographed and wrote about nature and travels. I can always rely on my safe and comfortable Maggiolina. I do not worry, since I always know where I can comfortably sleep.

5 December 2016

Angy & Ale

Desartica Tour Operators

In our tent we feel at home wherever we are, it’s our love-nest even in the boundless desert. Waking up… Seeing the dawn breaking… Enjoying the moment… Living life in freedom! Our motto is “One life… Live it!”

5 December 2016

Patrick Galibert

Fotografo professionista

For our journeys, 2 or 3 per year, Columbus tent has become an important element for our night camp and rest: its comfort and quick opening are essential for us! After many years of raids, 4×4 vehicles have changed but Columbus tent has not! Its reliability is always at top level!