2 December 2016

Davide Prioglio


Looking is not enough…you have to see through eyes that want to see and believe in what they see: Maggiolina is wonderful!!

2 December 2016

Francesca Venturi e Mirco Gadda

From Ferrara to Ulan Bator looking for excitement: 23,000 kilometres and 45 days through Mittelasia to make a documentary film. With Maggiolina Safari we should neither inflate mattresses nor to fix tent pegs: some crank turns and …. bed is ready! Maggiolina: a practical and comfortable tent!! Maggiolina will always be with us, during our journeys! THANK YOU AUTOHOME

2 December 2016



I would like to thank everybody. I have spent memorable nights with Maggiolina and who knows how many more will follow. I use Maggiolina in the Arctic Circle up to the Tropic of Cancer. This travelling system makes me feel proud of owning the original product and my thoughts are for its inventors and for anyone who has been able to renew and spread Autohome all over the world.

2 December 2016

Tupputi Pietro

Tour Leader

Car driver, mechanic, rescuer … Adventure is my job! I frequently travel around North Africa, Europe and America. Both care for details and customer’s needs are my strong subject, in order to allow everybody to make their dreams come true by travelling. Hereby, I thank Autohome for this space and especially for their wonderful products making every day full of adventure!