5 December 2016

Bruce Linker

Deserto del Gobi (Mongolia)

“A very important venture! A very long and tiring journey, but every night we slept in a real bed and it was very helpful. The camp can quickly be pitched, under safety conditions and protected from small or big animals.”

5 December 2016

Paul Farrel


“ertical lifting tents, such as Maggiolina or Columbus, are technical masterpieces; instantaneous opening and strength of the hooks allow remarkable safety conditions to be achieved. But when I am on business, I shall often get up on to the car roof to get the best view and for this reason I prefer Overland tent. When the latter is closed (or open) I can freely manoeuvre, since I have two positioning possibilities, so, I can say that this tent has really functional properties.”

5 December 2016

Valery Fontaine

Anatolia (Turchia)

“Since a lot of years, Maggiolina and Columbus are our “fellow travellers”: the safety we have felt while sleeping raised from the ground was invaluable. These tents are real sleeping rooms, their inner part is very comfortable and the lateral pockets are remarkably functional. Due to their inner height, it is very easy to enter the sleeping bag and change. Even in the ends of the earth, people can feel at home” 

5 December 2016

Il parere del Tester – Chris Simons

Gran Bretagna

“The strong subject of these tents is the original idea: in comparison with 1958, now both the materials and the finishing touch have achieved a very high quality level, but what makes difference was and is still the original revolutionary concept. To sum up, it is really difficult to find defects in Autohome tents, also considering the wide range as well as the different solutions and accessories this line consists of”