5 December 2016

Oskars – Free 4×4 Style

“When we participate in multiple day Heavy Duty Throphy Raids, exhaustion at the end of the day is unavoidable so having a tent that is ready for sleeping withing a minute is incredibly helpful. Our Autohome AirTop tent can be attached to the vechicles roll cage, roof rails and cargo carrier giving us the ability to use the tent on either our expedition vechicle, trophy raid vechicle or free time vechicle.”

5 December 2016

Ylenia Colori

“With Autohome roof tents each travel becomes magic. Freedom of sleeping under starry skies and pure landscapes that nobody can give. Comfortable and handy they have changed our way of traveling and they will still remain our travel companions for a long time.”

30 October 2017

Monica e Massimo – Sand Lovers

To go anywhere, leave everything behind and just take off on a new trip!
Some images we would like to fix for all eternity.
Moments that capture our thoughts and aspirations.
Maggiolina will never let you down: an indispensable companion and comfort throughout your journey!

4 June 2018

Michael Garavaldi

It represents travel comfort and, because it is spacious, is ideal for anyone who wants to share an adventure with others; it keeps out the cold which matters to someone like me, a mountain lover.  Yet, it is also something more; it is my dream and the embodiment of a perfect idea of freedom, as for every freerider or skialper.