It is not possible to tell and represent the numberless travels and published tests having as protagonists Autohome original products.
Here is the list of the most important international newspapers names that have been talking about Autohome.
Keep your eyes on them!!

23 January 2020

Radek and Marta Solcovi

Radek and Marta Solcovi – Czech Offroadguide and Offroad Expeditions in the world.
On our travels we cannot imagine sleeping differently than in the Maggiolina roof tent. For more than 20 years we have been carrying our home on our own roof during our trips. It gives us safety and home in rain, wind and winter. We can always count on him.

23 January 2020

Gabriele Medioli

“Gabriele Medioli – Fireman
Over the years I was lucky enough to try different Autohome roof tents, and each of them always exalted a specific feature, thus standing out from the others, showing that each model has its own uniqueness.
Today the adventure companion in my great passion for the outdoors, proving reliable and safe even in the most adverse weather conditions, is a fantastic AIRTOP 360°, which I am fully satisfied with. AIRTOP is so practical without affecting the incomparable comfort of this tent which, with its 360° panoramic view, I like to call my “Globetrotter Penthouse”.
By the sea or in the high mountains, whether it is a real holiday or a simple trip out of town, Autohome makes it unforgettable. THANKS GUYS!!!”

23 January 2020

Benjy Davenport

I have done extensive travels around the world with my Defender 110. The best decision I made was moving into a Autohome Airtop. This tent made life on the road so much easier, I can keep all my bedding inside the tent while traveling so when I set up camp all my bedding is exactly where I need it. The solid construction with quality parts made this a very tough and extremely comfortable tent indeed. I have used other tents over the years before I changed to Autohome, now Autohome is the only rooftop tent I trust for quality, comfort and durability.

31 August 2018

Moreno Giovannini

“I have always dreamt of “wild” holidays.
It doesn’t matter if it is a large expedition or a small adventure – I can say that Autohome has precisely hit my target.
With Maggiolina+ I take each and every opportunity to travel in total freedom”.

4 June 2018

Michael Garavaldi

It represents travel comfort and, because it is spacious, is ideal for anyone who wants to share an adventure with others; it keeps out the cold which matters to someone like me, a mountain lover.  Yet, it is also something more; it is my dream and the embodiment of a perfect idea of freedom, as for every freerider or skialper.

30 October 2017

Monica e Massimo – Sand Lovers

To go anywhere, leave everything behind and just take off on a new trip!
Some images we would like to fix for all eternity.
Moments that capture our thoughts and aspirations.
Maggiolina will never let you down: an indispensable companion and comfort throughout your journey!

5 December 2016

Ylenia Colori

“With Autohome roof tents each travel becomes magic. Freedom of sleeping under starry skies and pure landscapes that nobody can give. Comfortable and handy they have changed our way of traveling and they will still remain our travel companions for a long time.”

5 December 2016

Oskars – Free 4×4 Style

“When we participate in multiple day Heavy Duty Throphy Raids, exhaustion at the end of the day is unavoidable so having a tent that is ready for sleeping withing a minute is incredibly helpful. Our Autohome AirTop tent can be attached to the vechicles roll cage, roof rails and cargo carrier giving us the ability to use the tent on either our expedition vechicle, trophy raid vechicle or free time vechicle.”

5 December 2016

Vanni Oddera

“Many unhappy people do not take the initiative to change their situation, because they are influenced by a sense of security, conformism and conservatism. This seems to ensure peace of mind, actually there is nothing such devastating for an adventurous soul as a secure future. The real core of the vital spirit is the passion for adventure. The joy of living rises from new experiences, and so there is no greater joy than having a constantly changing horizon, of being every day under new and different sky… That’s why my tent is my home.”

5 December 2016

Eros Togni

“I wish to thank Autohome Zifer Italy for having designed and built the Roof Tent; it has been my travelling companion during my adventures in the African continent. It’s the safe haven when in the evening, you’re tired of travelling and you can’t wait to throw yourself headfirst into a soft and clean bed, without the inconvenience of dust and sand.”

5 December 2016

Giovanni Grassi

Finally back on my passion after years of no-traveling life. With a group of friends, I spent a month in the Arctic Russia.
During the cold Russian nights, I have always enjoyed the safety and comfort of the roof top tent Autohome: easy to use and stable, it’s the perfect “traveling companion”.

5 December 2016

Franco Della Dora

40 years ago my first trips to Europe with Air-Camping. Since then I have tried many roof top tents, similar in appearance, but the current Maggiolina Safari is far superior to the quality of materials and comfort.
No problem even with wind at 70 km / h below 0 °.

5 December 2016

Danilo Tapiletti

For more than 25 years I have been part of the Corps de Ballet of La Scala Theatre in Milan. Now I have replaced the stages of the most famous theatres in the word with the green meadows of Mongolia and of other wild places in the planet.
Thanks to the comfort of “my” Columbus tent, I do not feel homesick.

5 December 2016

Giovanni Dondi

Founder of “Gruppo Sextant”, a private group of off-road lovers active since 1974, Giovanni Dondi has been the protagonist of explorative trips all over the Sahara and in the farthest regions of Canada and Russia.

5 December 2016

Giuseppe Bonfanti

I have been dreaming about travel since I was young; then, thanks to my job, I have stayed in Asia, South America, Africa, India and Pakistan.
Columbus tent is always the companion of my adventures.

5 December 2016

Nico e Markus

Appassionati autisti di Jeep

In 2011/2012 we were in Morocco and it was immediately clear that we made the right choice. We have never had problems with our Maggiolina Extreme, even by night, under zero, in the desert, on undulating grounds, in case of wind and snow.

5 December 2016

Mauro Camisasca

Milano-Mongolia tre mesi di viaggio, una sola notte in albergo.

“Sleeping in a tent gives me a feeling of endless freedom; I enjoy everything around me, the nature, the purity of the air, the sound of brook water, the air breeze ……, even if my eyes are closed, I can see the stars in the sky. With my practical, comfortable and safe Columbus tent, I can feel all these emotions”.

5 December 2016

Giulio Dott. Meneghini – Gabriele Greco – Armando Romano – Andrea Calandri

Giulio Dott. Meneghini - chirurgo plastico / Gabriele Greco - motociclista e velista / Armando Romano - esperto viaggiatore / Andrea Calandri - esperto di telecomunicazioni e volo

An ambitious as well as very desired journey which has been possible thanks to our Overland tents. Visited Countries: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Kirghizistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece.

5 December 2016

Akis Temperidis e Vula Netu

Superstar travellers

It’s us again! Let us tell you that our life is great with Maggiolina. We actually have slept more than one year (that means more than 300 nights in 475 total days of our trip) in there and we still enjoy it. Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand.

5 December 2016

Juerg, Angelica, Tom, Cornelia, Jean Pierre, Alexandre, Doris, Heidi, Jean Francois, Erich – Trans-Afrika

"Vi sono sogni nella vita per i quali bisogna combattere"

“weeks throughout West Africa up to Cameroon continuing through Gabon, the two Congos, passing through Angola in Namibia, arriving at Cape of Good Hope in South Africa”.

5 December 2016

Patrick Galibert

Fotografo professionista

For our journeys, 2 or 3 per year, Columbus tent has become an important element for our night camp and rest: its comfort and quick opening are essential for us! After many years of raids, 4×4 vehicles have changed but Columbus tent has not! Its reliability is always at top level!

5 December 2016

Angy & Ale

Desartica Tour Operators

In our tent we feel at home wherever we are, it’s our love-nest even in the boundless desert. Waking up… Seeing the dawn breaking… Enjoying the moment… Living life in freedom! Our motto is “One life… Live it!”

5 December 2016

Marco C. Stoppato

Vulcanologo, foto-giornalista professionista

I have visited almost 80 Countries, photographed and wrote about nature and travels. I can always rely on my safe and comfortable Maggiolina. I do not worry, since I always know where I can comfortably sleep.

5 December 2016

Enrico Stable


The Autohome tents have shown their high resistance to sandstorms, cloudbursts, temperatures from +60°C to -20°C. No problem with Autohome tents!

5 December 2016

Tetsunori Sukenobu

Japanese Rally rider - Pharaon’s Rally 2010

After an exhaustive day on my motorcycle I can finally admire the starry sky on the desert, in my Autohome tent. A priceless feeling!

5 December 2016

Robo Gabr’aoun

Tra i più conosciuti viaggiatori d’Africa, da anni percorre piste e deserti a nord ed a sud dell’equatore.

Since 2005 he utilizes Autohome products; moreover, he is a famous writer as well as professional guide on behalf of local travel agencies, such as Latitude24Safaris – African Expeditions – Nubian Sudan Tours and also of: Discovery Channel, British Museum, the French Clio, the Dutch Wild Travels and practically all the existing Italian operators.

5 December 2016

Sonja Vietto Ramus

fotografa e giornalista per riviste di fuoristrada e squadre corse.

“Both Africa and motorcycles are my passion and my job: since 2000, I travel to North Africa to photograph cars and motorcycles competing on the most beautiful deserts of the world. I always travel with friends, on a Toyota vehicle and an Autohome tent, my passport to adventure!”

5 December 2016

Carsten Averkamp

Project Manager - Lutz Rathmann - Lead Instructor

Tour leaders belonging to the most important expeditions, international selectors. Land Rover Experience is aimed at training off-road lovers to let them discover exotic regions, far from usual paths as well as from tourist traps. With Autohome, under any circumstances people are sure to obtain the best results!

5 December 2016

Alessandro Beccaria

Travelling and having the possibility of knowing the most distant and inaccessible places of the planet, in which nature is still uncontaminated and plays the lord and master has always been one of my dreams: Autohome made it come true.

5 December 2016

Susumu Sato e Yoshimi Sato

With Maggiolina it is always time to let the heart speak, to look for adventure and freedom in every corner of Japan. We like travelling every weekend and our vehicle is perfectly equipped to let us feel like being home. Thank you inventors! Thank you Italy! Bye-bye Italy!!

5 December 2016

Ralph Castelberg

Professionista dell'estremo

A professional of Free-ride (extreme) Snowboard successfully participates to many sports competitions. Since September 2006 he is an enthusiastic owner of an Autohome tent. “…I am very happy to start a competition after I have slept well – When I travel, Maggiolina is my home” 

5 December 2016

Anna across Africa

A man, a woman and a Land Rover: one year in Africa visiting 26 countries. “We are very satisfied with our Columbus. It is very comfortable and it is the best way to travel: thank you very much Autohome!” 

5 December 2016

Moni & Hagi Ehrismann


Travel-lovers and skilled travellers organise expeditions in groups. “…we always suggest to all our friends to have a real Autohome tent! It is the only way not to worry. Have a nice trip and sleep well!” 

5 December 2016

Ken Iida, nella foto con Yiuchi Asai


Travel and adventure lover, he is the responsible for the commercial department of an important company in the field. In short, he is the person who contributed to Autohome success throughout the whole Japan. “….For the quality and reliability they have shown, I suggest original Autohome products – made in Italy – to all my customers”

5 December 2016

The Great Escape

«Autohome’s Off-Road experience has been gained “on field”. During the last fifty years, explorers, reporters, photographers and adventurers contributed to develop tents which can be considered as real technical articles as well as an extremely practical and flexible support.

5 December 2016

Silk Road

Jürg Solberger, Severin Bucher and his team, professionals and experienced in great adventure-trips. From west to east on Marco Polo’s traces to discover history and events which left their mark on people’s fortunes.

5 December 2016

Martin Mikulenčák

Ricognitore estremo - Membro della “Hummer Expedition Island” - Ghiacciaio del Vatnayokull (Islanda)

Extreme adventurer – Hummer Expedition Island’s member” –
Ghiacciaio del Vatnayokull (Iceland)«The biggest glacier in Europe, In Iceland. We were afraid of suffering from the cold and the wind blowing in gusts, but thanks to both the Winter hood of the tent and the strength of the tent structure we had absolutely no problem. Other kinds of tent could surely not be so reliable!».

5 December 2016

Jean Rimbaud

Photo-reporter- Lago Karakul (Xinjiang, Cina)

«The second highest lake in the world, 3,600 metres above sea level, encircled by majestic mountains (over 7,500 m) which are snow-capped all the year round. Karakul is a salt lake, it has transparent, blue-green water: in no case we could enjoy the view of the sunset we had from our comfortable Maggiolina»

5 December 2016

Miky Fragapane – Desert Scorpion Team

Deserto dell’Akakus (Libia)

«It is impossible to describe the magic of the Libyan desert. The rock needles are silhouetted against the sky and come out vertically from the sand. People living here five thousand years ago hunted wild beasts which do no more exist and this allows us to particularly enjoy our comfortable Overland: a practically indestructible tent»