But luck has nothing to do with it: just quality.

The first participation of AUTOHOME at SEMA in Las Vegas is an immediate 360° success: contacts, interest, results.

Last October we took a stand to SEMA, the world’s leading showcase for special autos, tuning and high-level aesthetic and technological accessories. An extraordinary occasion for vintage top cars, the contemporary scene and even cars to come, with futuristic designs where accessories play a significant role.

Once more, almost 100,000 people attended the show, including experts, autocar professionals and demanding car-lovers all intent on discovering the many new ideas on display in Las Vegas. We are proud of the success of our range, praised for its style and the technical and practical quality of our products.

For example? One dealer at SEMA told us this: “Excellent products! Form and function brought together in the best possible way. All the stylistic sensitivity of Made in Italy wedded to maximum reliability”.

Autohome staff who took part in the event:
(from the upper left corner)

Nooshin Basilico              Sales Manager Autohome
Andrew Driscoll                 Sales Manager AutohomeUSA
Giuseppe Fercodini           Managing Director Autohome
Valentina Daina                  Marketing Manager Autohome
Mike Spies                       Managing Director AutohomeUSA
Dario Badalotti                  Production Dept. Autohome
Alessandro Leoni              Product Manager Autohome
Cristina Fontanesi            Export Sales Autohome